Apr 17

2015 365 107


Section of a mosaic on the floor of the same light rail platform in Tempe, Arizona that has the water bottle chandelier.


Apr 16

2015 365 106


Hammer head. Non-shark variety.

You can thank/blame PJ for that bit of wordplay.


Apr 15

2015 365 105


Her Secret is Patience. That’s what artist Janet Echelman named this sky sculpture that’s designed to depict clouds with the colors of cactus blossoms showing how resilient desert life is.

It floats over Civic Space Park in downtown Phoenix tethered by a system of cables and poles so it remains a permanent fixture above the heads of visitors and residents alike.

I’ve heard observers from across the country and around the world marvel at their first glimpse of our most prominent public art project in Phoenix. “What the hell is that?” one visitor from Germany asked. “Is that supposed to be some sort of art thing?” another inquired.

Yes, we Phoenicians are proud — mighty proud — of this soaring artistic achievement. While we appreciate the artist’s Ralph Waldo Emerson inspired quote, we’ve given it our own abundantly appropriate nickname.

The Flying Uterus.



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