Nov 11

26 Things

Here ya go.. Twenty-six things about me…

Might be slightly revised from what you’ve been seeing in your Facebook newsfeed.

A – Aaarrrrgh!: I know, right?

B – Big butts?: I cannot lie.

C – Curses: Foiled again.

D – Drink I last drank: Water. On the rocks. I’m hardcore like that.

E – Everyday starts with: E

F – Favorite f-word: Fluffernutter. Also favorite sandwich.

G – Great googly-moogly!: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

H – Health status: *checks pulse* Uh oh…

I – Incognito?: Nope. In Phoenix at the moment.

J – Jelly?: Yes, please, but not on the Fluffernutter (see above).

K – Killed someone?: Not as far as you know. Why? What have you heard?

L – Last time you cried out in utter frustration and futility?: That’s pretty much neverending.

M – Middle finger: Extended.

N – Number of pets: 1 bird and something like 47 cats at last count. My wife claims we only have 6, but I’m pretty sure that’s a very low estimate.

O – One wish: Infinite wishes that actually come true the way I intend, not the way some sick, twisted genie makes them come true becuase it gets his rocks off to see humans suffer. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU KEEP GETTING SHOVED BACK INTO THAT STUPID LAMP!?

P – Person you last called “dumbass” and got away with it: Myself, though I did give myself the stink eye for a while.

Q – Question you’re always asked: “What are you still doing here?”

R – Reason to simile: To compare two things that aren’t actually alike to evoke empathetic understanding.

S – Song you have no hope of ever nailing at karaoke: “Without You” in the style of Harry Nilsson. Or anything Harry Nilsson ever sang, really. The range that guy had!

T – Time I woke up: Yeah, I suppose it is.

U – Understand?: Well, since you put it that way…

V – Vacation destination: Va… Vaca… I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that word.

W – Worst hobbit: Bilbo Baggins. I mean, come on. What the hell kind of name is Bilbo Baggins, amirite?

X – Xenophobia?: Not really a fan of it.

Y – Yeeeeesh!: Look, this is almost over. Just chill.

Z – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah: Zip-a-dee-ay.

Feel free to copy, paste, and completely dazzle your friends with your brilliance. Have fun!!

Jul 05

A Fishy Video

PJ and I visited Sea Life Aquarium Arizona a couple of miles from our house yesterday. We’d been thinking of doing that for quite a while and decided to stop thinking about it and just go there. Here’s a video of some of what we saw.


Jul 01

2015 365 86’d

You may have noticed, though I suspect not, that I stopped doing my 365 project last month.


Thanks for asking.

Because it was crap. Plain and simple. I really didn’t care about it. I was repeating shots and, frankly, I was taking snapshots. I wasn’t making pictures. It wasn’t creative so much as assembly line blogging.

Who cares about that? I certainly don’t.

So, back to regular blogging and maybe spiffing up this site a bit. For instance, you may have noticed a new header image and tagline for the site. This is no longer “my life in words and pictures”. It’s all about “crafting a brighter future”. I’m hoping to inspire my creative side and, if you find some inspiration here as well, that’s spiffy.

Stick around for some more changes and to see what I come up with next. And, yes, there’ll be more photos from time to time, but I’ll actually take some time to create them instead of pointing, shooting, and posting. That got old real fast at least for me and probably for any of you who were following along.

Which, judging by the outcry when I stopped posting new photos was exactly no one. So there’s that.

OK, so all you people who might now start paying attention to what’s here… welcome! Glad you could be here.


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