May 05

Six Words – May 5, 2014

Another domain name bites the dust.


A few years ago I let go of my freelance web design domain name,, which, it appears someone in Kentucky snatched up and is using today.

Soon, someone else can claim as well. Since that kind of domain name evokes images of portrait studios and senior class pictures which is about as far from the kind of photography I do as you can get, I decided to simplify my life and let it expire tonight at midnight and move everything photography related to this site. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting my better photos for sale on this website.


May 02

Six Words – May 2, 2014

You win this time, Mother Nature.

A follow-up to the April 26th Six Words entry, the squash apparently got squished by the careless foot of She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Fooled. They didn’t make it, but the agave are doing all right and our newest trees are doing better now that they’re getting proper watering.

Off to an event tomorrow morning courtesy of our electric utility, SRP, where we might score a couple of free shade trees for the west side of the house to help keep us cooler next summer (they won’t be big enough this summer to be of any help). We’ll keep you posted on our future newest trees should we come home with them.


May 01

Six Words – May 1, 2014

Take your brain for a walk.

A new study from Stanford University confirms what a lot of creative people already know. Walking can boost your creativity.

Why? Nobody seems to know for sure, but it does seem to work. You can read more about it courtesy of Lifehacker.


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