Stuff I Like

These are a few of my favorite places on the interwebs.

General Crafting

Crafting a Green World – Eco-friendly arts and crafts.

Dollar Store Crafts – Crafting on the cheap while making beautiful things that don’t look like they’re cheap.

Pinterest – It’s like crack for crafters, but cheaper and less toxic. Oh, and legal.



Raincharmer Beads – This is the shop PJ and I frequent most. We’re usually there on Saturdays. If you’re in the area, come join us and make something pretty!

SoftFlex Girl – Run by the wife of a former co-worker. She’s a talented and published designer.



Scattered Thoughts

The Bloggess – Brilliant writer, blogger, and wonderfully decent human being who invites one and all to her adventures with mental illness. Sometimes serious. Often funny. Always informative and full of heart.

I Had Cancer – Because, well, I did.

Reading. Writing. Really. – Author/bookseller Mel Beatty’s blog about reading and writing. Really!