Super Cool Blood Orange Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Moon FAQ


What is “The Moon”?
It’s a big rock orbiting the Earth, but that’s not important right now.

So, what’s a “Supermoon”?
It’s that same big rock orbiting the Earth, but it’ll be closer to Earth than it is at other times of the year so it’ll look like it’s bigger than normal, but it isn’t, but it’ll sure look like it is.

What’s so special about this so-called Supermoon? Can it spin the Earth backwards and turn back time?
No, that’s SuperMAN.

Wasn’t Superman on the Moon once?
Yes. Yes he was.

How does that happen? I mean, even Superman has to breathe, right?
Uh huh.

And, like, the Moon’s really far away and he had to fly there and there’s no air in space…
Stop! Would you just stop with the Superman stuff!?

Sorry. So, like… what were we talking about?
The Super Cool Blood Orange Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Moon.

Oh, yeah. So… wait… orange?
Yes, on Sunday, January 20th starting about 10:34pm Eastern Time, a total eclipse of the moon will start. A little over an hour after it starts, the moon will be totally eclipsed. It’ll stay that way for another hour or so. During an eclipse, the moon appears red or dark orange. Because of this, it’s often referred to as the “Blood Moon”.

Wasn’t there a song called “Total Eclipse of the Moon”?
No, that was “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. It was sung by Bonnie Tyler.

Oh, yeah. Right. So, what was up with the freaky eyes on the kids in that video? Man, they creeped me out.
I… I don’t know.

Do you think Superman could, like, blow out the glow in their eyes with his super breath?
We’re done here.